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Why You Should Choose to Become an Oxford Learning Centre Franchisee

Children in Canada need your help. The pandemic revealed many of the struggles that our students face and have been facing for some time. After-school tutoring program providers, such as Oxford Learning, provide the support that students need to overcome educational barriers and forge a path to a brighter future in life.

What Will Your Oxford Learning Franchising Journey Be?

We asked Franchisees to share why they chose to join Oxford Learning and become a franchisee.

Our Franchisees Are Committed to Making a Difference

Oxford Learning is your opportunity to choose a meaningful career path. Building a new career while helping children overcome challenges and become more confident versions of themselves brings meaning and purpose to your life.

Normal Tutoring vs Oxford Learning

The Education Industry Is Growing

Since the pandemic began, we have seen an increase in the need for flexible and dynamic approaches—cognitive learning is an example of a dynamic approach—to learning and the need for ensuring that students have access to the tools they need to succeed in a variety of education landscapes.

Even prior to the pandemic, the supplemental education industry was experiencing record growth as parents assumed more responsibility for their children’s education and turned to supplemental education professionals for help:

Many large-scale studies show that students’ learning has fallen behind during the pandemic in multiple ways. Math scores have declined and the youngest learners seem to have lost ground in literacy development.

Unesco dubbed school closures a “shadow pandemic”. Parts of Canada had school closures of more than 31 weeks. Many students experienced setbacks in emotional learning and mental health as well as academics.

Research shows that tutoring has positive effects on learning. A meta-analysis of 96 studies found that tutoring led to increased learning equivalent to advancing from the 50th percentile to nearly the 66th percentile.

Why OLC Testimonial

What Our Franchisees Say!


The process of opening a franchise with Oxford Learning felt meant to be. Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, Home Office eased the fear of opening a new business by being understanding and supportive. It feels like family and we look forward to growing our centre and continuing on with the wonderful relationships we have with Home Office.

Monique Carlos
Oxford Learning Walnut Grove

Canadian Franchise Industry Awards

Oxford Learning is a proud member of the Canadian Franchise Association. Being a member ensures that our franchisees have access to many resources exclusive to the franchise community.

Membership benefits franchisees in a number of exciting ways, including participation in the national Awards of Excellence programs that recognize achievement in franchising excellence. Oxford Learning franchisees are often recognized with prestigious awards for their contributions to franchising in Canada. Recent CFA awards include Franchisee of the Year 2021, Bronze, a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020, and a Gold Award of Excellence for traditional (brick and mortar) 100+ franchise locations.

Being recognized and awarded a CFA award designation helps our franchisees stand out as members of a trusted and respected brand. These awards help customers trust that Oxford Learning provides only the highest-quality service and experience.

Canadian Franchise Association Award of Excellene 2022 Silver

Education Industry and Franchisee Success Resources

Learn more about how ongoing changes in the education industry ensures that tutoring companies are always in demand. From market changes to franchisee success stories, head to our blog to stay up-to-date with market trends and flux in education means success for supplemental education franchise owners.

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