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Learn More About the History of the Oxford Learning Franchise

Since 1984, Oxford Learning has opened over 125 locations across Canada, and we continue to grow. This growth has enabled our franchisees to help hundreds of thousands of students reach their goals, and you can help us to serve hundreds of thousands more.

Meet Nick Whitehead, Founder and CEO of Oxford Learning

Learn more about the vision behind Oxford Learning in the early years from Oxford Learning’s founder, Nick Whitehead.

A Truly Unique Experience For Students—and Franchisees!

When students struggle to learn the usual way, a different approach is required. Oxford Learning’s unique cognitive approach helps students learn more effectively and efficiently. It’s the secret to our franchisees’ success!

The Oxford Learning Difference

A Different Way

Oxford Learning’s History

The concept behind Oxford Learning’s programs began in the 1980s when cognitive scientists and educators gathered to discuss the latest trends in education, particularly the emerging science of cognition—learning about learning or how the mind learns.

They aimed to uncover a more effective method to teach and test students using the latest brain science. This research eventually became the foundation of Oxford Learning®’s uniquely Canadian programs and systems.

Since the first Oxford Learning location opened in 1984, Oxford Learning has grown across Canada from a single tutoring centre to a trusted Canadian brand with locations from coast to coast.

Today, Oxford Learning uses its foundation in cognitive science to help students of all ages and grades become stronger thinkers and learners and tap into better learning opportunities that they can rely on for life. With nearly four decades of proven success, Oxford Learning is proud to help students succeed in school and life.

Take it From Our Franchisees


Everything was in position in order for me to be successful and have a seamless opening for my centre. Everything comes in your opening order—from the pencils and erasers to the bookshelves to the furniture. You know, I thought it would be a big step and maybe a little bit of added stress, but it was quite an enjoyable experience.

Emma Cecchin
Oxford Learning London Byron, ON

Oxford Learning Methods Unlock Franchisee Success

When it comes to assisting franchisees in running a successful location, Oxford Learning leaves nothing to chance. Our franchises follow proven methods that are in place to take the guesswork out of the equation.

As an Oxford Learning franchisee, you will inspire young minds using researched and time-tested methods, systems, and materials that help students discover a capacity to learn how to learn. With the new skills they develop in your learning centre, students improve their grades, enhance interpersonal relationships, increase self-esteem, and reach their goals.

Your business grows with every happy student, parent, and referral given. Our proprietary methods help you lead the way to better grades for students, peace of mind for parents, and success.

Become a Franchisee Today & Begin Building Better Futures

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