Industry-Leading Training for Franchisee Success

One of the most important factors involved when choosing to open a franchise and become a franchisee is considering the kinds of training that the franchisor provides. 

As a key factor of franchisee success, both during the initial phases of onboarding and every phase after that, ensuring that the franchisor accounts for the ongoing training needs of the franchisees should be top on any prospective franchisee’s needs checklist.

Regardless of the industry, no training strategy should ever be complete; products and services, as well as techniques and technologies, are in continual flux, accounting for continual change in the marketplace ensures that franchisees are always comfortable with ongoing company best practices.

At the recent 2024 National CFA Convention in Montreal on April 6-8, Franchise specialists from different industries participated in a panel discussion titled Training is Key: Emerging Technologies, Learning Platforms and Training Strategies for Franchisees and Staff. Marty Robertson, Oxford Learning’s Director of Operations, was among the panellists participating in this well-attended discussion.

Training Approaches for Meaningful Success

Marty shared Oxford Learning’s Four Pillars of Training Phases and Training Styles during the session. Oxford Learning Training Phases include Onboarding, Launch, Operational, and Ongoing Education; Training Styles include Self-Paced, Guided, Group, and Third-Party.

Offering a variety of franchisee training styles over the phases of franchisee training ensures that every franchisee has access to training approaches that lead to meaningful success. While only some franchisees will feel comfortable with self-paced offline training, others will prefer it. Offering a variety of intersected modals establishes a framework for franchisees to discover their unique path to success.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our content and delivery, like shifting to online training, creating video modules, interactive group sessions, and one-on-one coaching.

 Marty Robertson

Director of Operations

Multi-tiered, Multimodal, Engaging, and Ongoing

Many new franchisees benefit from a tailored approach when learning the ins and outs of running a new business. Ensuring that Oxford Learning training is multi-tiered, multimodal, engaging, and ongoing is the best way to ensure that franchisees receive the type of training that sets them up for success both at the outset of onboarding and over time. 

Oxford Learning’s franchise model is as close to entrepreneurship as possible within a franchise system. Since the company’s success hinges on building strong relationships and managing the client experience from start to finish, investing in the Franchisee’s Education and Business skills, and soft skills training is of high value to the franchisee and the franchisor.

Commitment to High-Quality Training

Oxford Learning’s commitment to providing high-quality training education is an ongoing process. Recently, several members of the Training Team completed certification in becoming North America’s first-ever fully certified Executive Level 3 Franchise Business Coaches with ACcelerator Level 3-Certified Field Coach program with AC Inc! 

Oxford Learning is proud to offer franchisees training at the forefront of the initiative to raise the bar in Franchising training methods by providing industry-leading support. Learn more about Oxford Learning’s Franchisee Training and Support approaches.

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