As an Oxford Learning® franchisee, you'll be involved in more than simply running a learning centre; you'll have an active role in creating positive change in students' learning, in the lives of families, in your community, and in the greater Canadian education industry.

We are proud to be active participants in hundreds of communities across Canada, supporting students and their families both inside and outside the classroom. We are also proud to offer exclusive, Canadian-developed curriculum and to contribute to the diverse Canadian workforce. But mostly, we are proud of helping hundreds of thousands of Canadian students realize their dreams through better grades, improved confidence, and brighter futures.

global supplemental education

  • The global supplemental education market will top 102.8 billion dollars by 2018. (source)
  • One third of all students receive some form of supplemental education in Canada. (source)
  • Rates of Toronto students reporting they’re helped by private tutors have grown by 60% over the last five years. (source)
  • Markets are forecast to grow at an annual rate of 13.68% between 2017-2021. (source)

Territories Available

We have plenty of Oxford Learning® build sites available across Canada. Let’s work together to find an area that’s right for you!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help students become the best possible versions of themselves while achieving academic success in all subjects. We ensure our mission is carried out by combining our passion for business, our proprietary curriculum, and our unique teaching methodologies.

At Oxford Learning®, we:


students achieve
academic success


independent thinking
and creativity


the will and eagerness
to learn


confidence, enthusiasm, and
a love for learning

What our Franchisees are saying

"Oxford Learning's programs really help students become more confident and better learners. Students start seeing a difference in their own learning, and look forward to coming to our centre!"

— Zain Hansraj—Oxford Learning Waterloo Eastbridge, ON


Students come to Oxford Learning® when something is amiss in their education. Whether they are struggling to keep up, or whether they are not being challenged enough, or for any reason that traditional schooling isn’t hitting the mark, Oxford Learning® helps students get to the root cause of the problem, identify the source issues, and make a plan to remedy the struggle—for good. Unlike regular tutors, Oxford Learning® sets long-term goals that look beyond the next test or the next subject and creates lasting change; Oxford Learning® ensures that every student has the skills he or she needs to conquer school issues of any sort, whether it’s next class, next semester, or next year.