Investing in education

The industry of education is ever-changing and we all need to work together to help prepare our children and our country for the forthcoming transformations. A pivotal way to do so is through the industry of supplemental education, which has seen tremendous growth due to the present education environment.

School budget cutbacks. Fewer teachers. Crowded classrooms. Standardized testing. Falling test scores. Increased global competition. All these—and many more—are among the factors driving the tutoring industry boom.

Coupled with a swing in education trends that sees parents incurring more responsibility for their children’s education, be it remedial or enrichment, and relying less on public education systems, this boom makes sense.

Canada claims $1 billion of the tutoring industry (; held against the global landscape, the Canadian market remains relatively untapped—there is room to grow!

This industry presents an exceptional opportunity for supplemental education providers—especially Oxford Learning® franchise owners—whose businesses are built on a solid pedagogical foundation, who are well trained, and who are continuously supported with research leading to new, innovative, and responsive programs.

You don’t need a background in education to become a franchisee—we provide complete training!

Supplemental Education is...


25% to 90% of students receive tutoring at some point in their education (source).

Private tutoring will surpass $100 billion by 2017 (source) and will grow at a rate of almost 14% every year after (source).


In 2013, more than 60% of Toronto students had private tutors. (source)

TThe global market for private tutoring will surpass $102.8 billion by 2018. (source)

Growth Facts & Figures

Despite economic downturns, the tutoring and supplemental education industry has continued to grow.

Surpassing 100 billion

By 2018, the global supplemental education market is expected to surpass 100 billion! (source)


Investments spent on education in Canada are seen across all ages and grades, from Pre K-12 to Post K-12. (source)

Market Growth

Between 2017-2012, the market is expected to grow at a rate of 13.68%. (source)

What our Franchisees are saying

“Our experience had been extremely positive and we are really happy that we chose an Oxford Learning Franchise. From a purely business aspect, the original proformas given to us were quite accurate, and the break-even point is realistic. The growth has far exceeded our original projections.”

— Sohrab & Amy Ghadially—Oxford Learning Brampton, ON