Getting Started


Location is key when it comes to starting your own franchise. After we award you a franchise, Oxford Learning® Head Office will provide you with a demographic analysis of your community and the target audience you’ll be marketing to. Contact us to find or suggest available territories today that are in need of supplemental educational services.


All Oxford Learning® centres across Canada are required to be fun, interactive, safe, and inviting. All centres must give children a welcoming atmosphere where he or she is comfortable and excited to learn, as well as project an image of professionalism.

From design to furnishings, our team at Head Office will help you design the perfect centre that’s in line with our corporate standards and brand requirements. All your centre’s marketing materials—decals, pamphlets, posters, and more—will be supplied by our marketing team, so you always have a supply of on-brand, cohesive, promotional materials.


Our team at Head Office is here for you from day one! You will spend two weeks training at Head Office, complete a sophisticated online training supplement, meet with the leadership team and support staff, and go over every aspect of operations.

Our extensive and comprehensive training will teach you all you need to know about running a successful franchise, from our proprietary curriculum and testing methods to our state-of-the-art business management software. During this session, you’ll receive your Operating Manuals, an Oxford Learning® Daily Planner, and more.

Whether your background is in finance or science, this training will equip you with everything you need to operate the Oxford Learning® program, making you more than ready to welcome students.

When this training is finished, we’ll still be here, especially when it comes time to prepare individualized student programs. You’ll also be assigned a Franchise Performance and Growth specialist to work with you. We’re always a simple phone call or email away!


Manage your centre with ease and efficiency thanks to our state-of-the-art management software. Not only did Oxford Learning® pioneer a groundbreaking way to educate students, we also developed an innovative and comprehensive business management tool to make running your business as simple and as seamless as possible. Whether it’s scheduling students or paying employees, by simply turning on your computer in the morning, you’ll have all the tools you need to effectively manage your centre.


Oxford Learning® has been successful for 30 plus years largely due to our extensive research and progressive program development. Utilizing our approach and methodology, students will achieve higher grades, heightened self-esteem, and new-found confidence. With educational materials and programs that are unique to the field, the Oxford Learning® franchise is a leader in the industry.


Each franchisee is assigned a Franchise Performance and Growth Coach (FP&G) who will visit your centre, help with staff training and formulating action plans, and monitor performance. FP&G coaches also assist with helping monitor and manage progress through the Management Information System.


As an Oxford Learning® franchisee, you’ll receive continued marketing support including weekly emails, monthly webinars, and franchise owner conventions every 18 months, along with many other benefits. Managing your time and focusing your priorities is vital to the success of your business, and we are here to help you every step of the way!


Your Grand Opening will be a community celebration! We work with you and provide a timetable of action steps and customized marketing materials to assist you to promote your Grand Opening.


Our “Four Walls” System — A great deal of marketing takes place inside your centre, which is also where a great deal of referrals take place! Some excellent ways to engage in internal marketing include open houses and point-of-sale materials (including display brochures and fliers). We will provide you with an array of proven marketing materials to promote your centre’s Oxford Learning® programs to prospective parents and students.


Oxford Learning® has an exceptional inventory of award-winning marketing materials. We will provide you with everything you need to market your Oxford Learning® location, such as:

  • Direct mail pieces
  • Newspaper, magazine, and yellow pages advertisements
  • Full-colour brochures
  • Radio commercials
  • Press releases and media relations strategies
  • Parent newsletters
  • Weekly training communique
  • Books to assist parents
  • Up-to-Date website
  • Digital advertising strategy
  • Social media content and management


    As an Oxford Learning® franchisee, you will lead the way in education in your community.

    Parents are always interested in new educational opportunities for their children, which open doors for you to tell the Oxford Learning® story. Find interested parents, tell them about the franchise, and introduce your programs and resources to the local media, neighborhood associations, business organizations, and school groups. Making a difference in the lives of children is a multi-dimensional process encompassing many facets of a community.

    What our Franchisees are saying

    “Everything was in position in order for me to be successful and have a seamless opening for my centre. Everything comes in your opening order—from the pencils and erasers to the bookshelves to the furniture. You know, I thought it would be a big step and maybe a little bit of added stress, but it was quite an enjoyable experience.” — Emma Cecchin—Oxford Learning London Byron, ON