Our learning Principles

We don’t just tutor academic skills; we develop new cognitive skills in our students. Our programs make changes in the way students work, think, and learn for the rest of their lives. Our programs are an investment in each student’s future and most importantly, they work!

We develop new cognitive skills in our students. We do not just tutor academic skills. Our programs make changes in the way students work, not only for the present year, but for the rest of their lives. Our programs are an investment in each student’s future and most importantly, they work!

Our Process

The Oxford Learning® team has developed a learning platform unique to Canada, that focuses on teaching students to learn how to learn, using three unique approaches:


Oxford Learning®’s testing protocol is like no other, and is well respected within the testing community. Combining sub-tests in a unique manner and presenting them to students in a specialized and dynamic manner allows assessors to get in-depth analyses of each student’s unique learning capabilities.


Forget off-the-shelf workbooks or classroom textbooks, Oxford Learning®’s proprietary curriculum is developed in-house by our team of education experts. Focusing on one concept or skill per book, and presenting those concepts in a particular sequence unique to each student—and always at the right pace—is how we build individualized programs.


Unlike in a classroom where the teacher teaches and the students listen, in an Oxford Learning® classroom, the format is much more interactive. Balancing one-on-one instruction with self-directed work, teachers encourage students to take risks and coach students as they learn that making mistakes isn’t an endpoint, but merely part of the journey, removing frustrations and helping students discover inner motivation to overcome hurdles.

Making a Difference


As parents and as educators, we know too well how developing strong learning skills is not only crucial for a child’s self-esteem, but also for his or her long-term success in academics, and ultimately, in life.

Cognitive Development sets Oxford Learning® apart from other tutoring and supplemental education agencies, giving us a competitive advantage not found anywhere else. By utilizing a cognitive approach to learning in all our programs, our students are equipped with lifelong learning skills that will help them achieve higher marks in all subjects and successes outside of the classroom as well.


As a Oxford Learning® franchisee, you’ll directly experience how excellence is achievable. Your knowledge in the education industry (through comprehensive training) will inspire young minds, help build confidence, and provide higher self-esteem to students. Utilizing research-based and time-tested methods and programs, students at your centre will learn how to learn and be offered solutions to academic roadblocks that can’t be found anywhere else. With academic success and personal confidence, happy parents will refer other parents to you so that they too can experience the school-and life-changing effects of Oxford Learning®.


Helping students achieve high marks and excellent grades is just the beginning! As an Oxford Learning® franchisee, you’ll help equip a generation of students with accelerated tools to succeed at school and in life outside the classroom. You’ll enhance students’ capacity to learn by helping them:

  • Understand how to think and learn
  • Earn high self-esteem
  • Engage an active mind
  • Learn more appropriate skills for studying and success
  • A lifetime of success will result from new skills that can be utilized on the soccer field, around the kitchen table, on a field trip, at the rec centre, and elsewhere in the community.


    Parents are an integral part of helping children succeed academically, and they are also valued members of the Oxford Learning® family. They are their child’s biggest supporters, and the encouragement they show their children on a daily basis is seen in the ways their children behave in centre. Happy parents lead to happy referrals, which leads to more happy parents enrolling their children at Oxford Learning®—it’s a win-win situation for all of us!


    Unlike the traditional method of teaching, Oxford Learning® offers supplemental education that’s tailored to your child’s skills.

    Our programs, curriculum, and staff invest in your child by engaging in three factors that drive success and help your child become the best version of their academic selves:


    We help our students develop greater self-esteem, which is one of the key components to building high motivation. We believe in intrinsic growth and motivation. We don’t believe in bribing students to try harder, and we don’t offer gifts for success. Our students learn how to learn, thereby developing greater levels of self-esteem and confidence. Success—not rewards—creates motivation! Our students understand how the work they are doing will benefit them at school. This creates motivated students who want to come to Oxford Learning®. As well, motivated students have the confidence to take risks. Risk taking is a key component to learning success.

    Active Minds

    We help our students develop an active mind. This is the second key component to building high motivation. Our unique teaching model of reflecting, verbalizing, and connecting new materials to previously learned information helps build each student’s active mind. Students with active minds are able to verbally identify the importance of academic tasks, and are able to transfer and generalize the information learned in one task to another. Students with active minds are more effective learners.

    Cognitive Growth

    It’s not just about memorization! We believe in cognitive growth and understand that it is vital for students to actually understand what they are learning. Therefore, we do not feature ‘kill and drill’—mindless repetition to mastery. We help students understand how to complete tasks, what needs to be done, and why they need to do it—before we develop fluency and speed through drills and practice.

    Program List

    R.E.A.D. Elite®

    • Ages 3 - 6
    • Reading is the key to ensuring successful scholarship for young students.
    • Reading skills help students develop their learning skills, as well as their imagination, dedication, and the drive to achieve.


    • Grade 9 - 12
    • Developing new approaches to high school studies will help teens learn to conquer homework, tests, assignments, and projects.
    • Learning better study skills today, as well as time management and learning how to learn, means teens will be better prepared for college.

    FRENCH Programs

    • All ages and grades.
    • Reading, writing, and study skill streams.
    • Programs for all levels of fluency.
    • Support for non-immersion students.

    Beyond Tutoring®

    • Grades 1 - 8
    • Solid foundations in key subject areas lead to better school success all year long.
    • Students will develop strong critical thinking skills while improving their skills in all subjects.
    • Reading, writing, and study skill streams.
    • Programs for all levels of fluency.
    • Support for non-immersion students.


    • University and College prep for entrance exams
    • Getting the highest scores on post-secondary entrance exams requires more than regular studying.
    • Oxford Learning® customized programs help students prepare with integrated and comprehensive approaches to studying, ensuring they’ll gain the confidence to get the best score possible!

    ESL Programs™

  • All ages and grades.
  • Reading, writing, and vocabulary streams.
  • Programs for all fluency levels.
  • Small group or one-on-one.
  • What our Franchisees are saying

    “Oxford Learning’s assessment is quite comprehensive in the sense that it measures not only the academic skills of the students, but also the cognitive skills, which really give us the answers as to why students are having difficulty."

    — Lorelei Burgess—Oxford Learning Halifax, Bedford & Hammonds Plains, NS

    Our Results

    Better Grades are just the beginning

    Results for Oxford Learning® are not just limited to student success. Decades of quality programming and student success has led to significant brand recognition in a variety of key areas. As a well-respected brand in Canada, Oxford Learning® has been well recognized by a variety of agencies for excellence in an array of areas from education to corporate.

    Oxford Learning®’s numerous and multi-tiered results include:

    • Ranking in the top 500 for Entrepreneur Magazine Top 500 Franchise Award and for Top Global Franchise Company.
    • Franchise Business Review’s Franchise 50 List in the Child Services category.
    • Accreditation from Educational Agencies including CITA and AdvancED.
    • Recognition from regional Chambers of Commerce branches in the category of Business Achievement.

    Marketing and Advertising Awards granted by the Canadian Franchise Association in several categories, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards for magazine, newspaper, and television broadcast commercials.

    Be part of the educational movement making a significant impact in the education industry. Become an Oxford Learning® franchisee today!



    Parents, as well as teachers and community leaders, do their best to raise children who learn from the lessons of their childhood and become responsible individuals who develop self-esteem while adapting new reading, thinking, and learning skills. This is exactly the experience Oxford Learning® students get.

    Children are the future; when we help them grow, we help the future grow. The more patience, attention, and care we show children in their younger years, the more equipped they’ll be to face their futures with confidence and competence.